12th ICAANE Prizes

Prizes offered for the participants to the 12th ICAANE

The 12th ICAANE Organizing Committee is glad to announce that the following two prizes have been assigned to participants of the Congress.


The Best Poster Prize in partnership with Ante Quem, Harrassowitz and Brill - who have donated a grant-in-kind of books worth 100, 200 and 250 euros respectively for the Best Poster ‘to acknowledge the best effort in printed dissemination of excellent content’ - has been assigned by the jury (The 12th ICAANE Scientific Advisory Board) to:

Title: Post-excavation treatments of earthen archaeological sites

Authors: Chamsia Sadozai, Sébastien Moriset


The Ancient Tiles Prize, in partnership with Iperceramica (a grant of 1000 €), has been assigned by the jury (The 12th ICAANE Unibo Executive Team) to:

Title: Marks on Glazed Bricks of the Neo-Assyrian Period from Ashur

Author: May-Sarah Zeßin


The Ancient Ice Prizes have not been assigned.


Ancient Ice Prize Call

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Ancient Tiles Prize

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Best Poster Prize

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