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There are two kinds of contributions:

• Papers which had been submitted in regular sessions. These contributions will be edited by the general editors of the Proceedings
• Papers which had been submitted in workshops. These contributions will be edited by the organiser(s) of the workshop in consultation with the general editors of the Proceedings.

Contributors are kindly requested to adhere strictly to the following submission formats.



• Text : maximum 30,000 characters (including footnotes and bibliography).
• Illustrations
(line drawings and photographs) and Tables: maximum 5 full pages in total (i.e., the more illustrations you will submit, the more they will be reduced in order to fit within this space limit).


• Text, References and Captions: Standard 12 pt. script, preferably in Times New Roman or similar. As much as possible, the text should have subdivisions (maximum : two levels of subtitles). Footnotes should be at the end, bibliography and captions separate.
• Illustrations and Tables: in choosing the format of your illustrations, note that the available page space is 22,5 x 15,5 cm, including the caption.


Authors are requested to follow strictly the particulars of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research style sheet for the presentation of the references and footnotes and other the details of style.
The particulars of the BASOR style sheet can be found in BASOR 294 (1994), 1-6 or obtained in PDF format on the ASOR web site at: http://www.asor.org/pubs/basor/basor.html (click on the "Editorial Policy and Instructions for Contributors" button) If you have any difficulty in obtaining this style sheet, please contact the editors.

Remise des manuscrits

Manuscripts should be submitted in final form, with no substantive changes expected later.
All manuscripts must be submitted on diskette or CD (PC or Macintosh) together with a print-out for both text and illustrations. An additional print-out is requested for the contribution to a workshop.

• Text file: only Microsoft Word (preferably a version not later than Word 98) in standard 12 pt. script (e.g. Times New Roman or similar).

• Line drawings: on tracing paper, or on high quality photocopy, or on computer file (programs accepted : Canvas, Illustrator, Photoshop).

• Photographs : either on glossy print (preferably B&W) or on computer file (program accepted : Photoshop).

Tables : submitted either in Word format or in printed camera ready version.

N.B. For all technical aspects concerning the preparation of the illustrations, please consult EisenbraunsŐ "Image Guidelines for Publications" at the following web site : http://www.asor.org/pubs/basor/basor.html




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