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OrientLab Publications


OrientLab is a peer-reviewed, multi-language series devoted to researches and syntheses on the cultures of the ancient Near East, which is open to contributions of established and younger scholars from any affiliation. The series follows the policy of the open access to scientific data. OrientLab may be consulted online, downloaded or purchased in printed format.

N. Author/Editor Title Version Download Digital Documentation Purchase
1 N. Marchetti (ed.) Kinku. Sigilli dell’età del Bronzo dalla regione di Gaziantep in Turchia 30/07/2011 PDF   AnteQuem
2 N. Marchetti (ed.) Karkemish. An Ancient Capital on the Euphrates 31/07/2014 PDF   AnteQuem


“Gaziantep Regional Project Occasional Papers,” edited by Nicolò Marchetti, are non-periodical scientific studies and reports about the socio-cultural heritage and natural environment of the region of Gaziantep by the Turco-Italian Archaeological Expedition to Karkemish. GRPOP is open also to scientists from all fields and from any affiliation, contributions are peer-reviewed.

OrientLab Series Maior

OrientLab Series Maior is a peer-reviewed, multi-language series dealing with archaeology, epigraphy and environmental studies, relating to the ancient Near East. This series follows the policy of the open access to scientific data and its volumes can be consulted online, downloaded, or purchased in printed format.

OrientLab Special Issues

The Special Issues of OrientLab are open access publications on the ancient Near East that neither belong to a specific series nor follow a standard format. Works by individual authors will be peer-reviewed; collective works will be accepted with reserve by the Editor, provided they meet scholarly standards and the criterium of the usefulness to the scientific community.