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Main Theme 1
Tuesday, 4th April

A. Egea Vivancos
Viajeros y primeras expediciones arqueologicas en Siria. Su contribución al redescubrimiento de Hierápolis y su entorno

L. Barda
El aporte de los mapas y descripciones antiguas en el ensayo de reconstrucción de sitios arqueológicos, periferias y rutas (con uso del SIG)

E. Saffaran
Foundation du department archaeologie par Dr. Saffaran a l'Université de Shahrekord un demarche envers l'enseignement de l'archaologie dans les regions en developpement d'Iran

M. M. Kersel
Competing Stakeholder Claims in the Legal Trade in Antiquities

T. De Schacht and W. Gheyle
Archaeological research and Corona: On the use, misuse and full potential of historical remote sensing data

F. Pedde
The Assur Project

B. Cesaretti, V. A. Girelli, G. Luglio, B. Rondelli and M. Zanfini
From Monument to town and country: Integrated techniques of surveying at Tilmen Höyük in South-East Turkey

D. Fehlmann, M. Ladurner and A. Lykke
Broadening Horizons in Nabatean Archaeology: The Wadi ath-Thamad Regional Project

Main Theme 2
Wednesday, 5th April

M. B. D'Anna, R. Laurito and A. Ricci
Walking in the Malatya Plain (Turkey): Preliminary remarks on the Chalcolithic pottery and occupation. 2003-2005 Archaeological Survey Project

P. Piccione
Walking in the Malatya Plain. Changes in the settlement pattern through the first half of the III millennium BC (EBA I-II): Some preliminary remarks on the results of the 2003-2005 Archaeological Survey Project

E. B. Grootveld
Settling the Steppe - botanical research

H. Alarashi
Les premières traces du nomadisme pastoral au Proche-Orient à la fin du Néolithique précéramique (7600-6400 avant J.-C.)

L. Gourichon
Seasonality studies in the Prepottery Neolithic of Syria

S. Gondet and C. Castel
Geophysical Survey and Urbanism on the Site of Al-Rawda (Central Syria, Early Broze Age)

A. M. Conti and C. Persiani
The building sequence of the EB 3 settlement at Arslantepe (Malatya-Turkey)

C. Alvaro, C. Lemorini, G. Palumbi and P. Piccione
From the analysis of the archaeological context to the life of a community. "Ethnographical" observations on the Arslantepe VIB2 village

C. Nicolle, V. Verardi, H. Criaud and N. Engel
Tell Mohammed Diyab au IIIe millénaire

S. M. Cecchini, G. Affanni and A. Di Michele
Tell Afis, the walled Acropolis (Middle Bronze Age to Iron Age I) - A work in progress

M. Kimiaie
The Report of Archeobotanical Research in Historical Wall of Gorgan, Northeastern of Iran

B. Ooghe
Creating truth: The Chari Sa'deh canal(s)

M. de Vries
Hematite in Mesopotamia

B. Weninger, E. Alram-Stern, E. Bauer, L. Clare, U. Danzeglocke, O. Jöris, C. Kubatzki, G. Rollefson and H. Todorova
Climate forcing due to the 8200 CalBP even observed at Early Neolithic sites in the Eastern Mediterranean

P. Kurzawski
Assyrian Outpost at Tell Sabi Abyad: Architecture, Organization of Space and Social Structure of the Late Bronze Age Settlement - PhD dissertation project

N. Mhisen
The King and his image in Syria during the Middle Bronze Age through glyptical and textual sources

K. de Langhe
Early Christian remains in Iraq and the Persian Gulf during the late sassanian period

A. Golani, A Gorzalczany and Y. Nagar
Newly Discovered Burial Practices of the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age I in Southern Canaan - Evidence of Cultural and Ethnic Continuity?

I. N. Otte
Human Burial Record and Mortuary Practices at Tell Sabi Abyad

Y. S. Erdal
Sign of yarn production on the anterior dentition among Kovuklukaya female skeletons

C. Lazzarini and C. Frank
Complexes funéraires de prestige au IIIe millénaire en Syro-Mésopotamie

D. Archambault, O. Barge and C. Castel
Graves in the micro-region of Al-Rawda; diversity of types = diversity of populations?

M. al-Maqdissi, J. Bretschneider, H. Hameeuw, G. Jans, K. Vansteenhuyse, G. Voet and K. Van Lerberghe
Living with the dead. Tell Tweini: Middle Bronze Age tombs in urban context

E. Felluca, S. Mogliazza
Under-floor burials in a Middle Bronze Age Domestic Quarter at Tell Mardikh -Ebla, Syria

H. Hornig, C. Niemitz and M Schultz
Anthropological aspects of the Parthian-Roman cemetery at Tall Sheikh Hamad: Paleodemography and isotope analyses of human remains

H. Hornig and F. Janoscha Kreppner
Neo-Assyrian Chamber Tomb in Dur-Katlimmu

F. Franceschini
The Kurgan tumuli in the Middke Zeravshan: New technologies and new excavations for the study of nomadic peoples in Samarkand region

I. de Aloe (Collab. E. Rova)
A Preliminary Report on the 1995 Tell Leilan Survey: The Ceramic from the Hellenistic to the Sasanian Period

V. Vezzoli (Collab. E. Rova)
The Islamic Period Settlement in the Tell Leilan Region (Northern Jazira): The Material Evidence from the 1995 Survey

Main Theme 3
Wednesday, 5th April

C. Bellino and A. Vallorani
The Stela of Tell Ashara

Y. Tonoike
Beyond Style: Petrographic analysis of Dalma ceramics in two regions of Iran

M. Abe
Tabular scraper production in the Jafr Basin, Southern Jordan

A. Daems
Human Figurines from Neolithic and Chalcolithic Iran and Iraq: A Reassesment of Function and Use through material, morphology, type, damage and contest

G. Stiehler-Alegría
Kassitische Siegel aus stratifizierten Grabungen: Statistische Untersuchungen des Fundmaterials

R. Laurito, C. Lemorini and E. Cristiani
Seal Impressions on Cretulaeat Arslantepe: Improving of the Methodological and Interpretative References

K. Gibbs
Pierced Clay Disks and Late Neolithic Textile Production

A. García Ventura
Textile wrappings in the Ur III period: Textile remains and impressions

B. Robert, A. Lasalle and R. Chapoulie
New data about Prehistoric Pottery Technology using the Cathodoluminiscence Method

A. Gómez Bach
Las producciones cerámicas del Halaf final en Siria: Tell Halula (Valle del Éufrates) y Tell Chagar Bazar (Valle del Khabour)

B. Robert and H. Mathot
Dating Halaf Ceramics from Tell Masaikh

A. Di Ludovico, C. Pezzetta and M. Ramazzotti
The Ninevite V figurative pattern as compositional grammar in the Northern Mesopotamia

E. Felluca
Ceramic evidences from Bampur: a "key" site to reconstruct the cultural development in the Bampur Valley during the third millennium B.C.

J. Mas
Third Millennium Pottery from Tell Ashara Terqa: Preliminary Results

R. Greenberg, M. Iserlis, S. Paz and R. Schimmelmitz
The Potter's Craft at Tel Bet Yerah: Early Bronze II - Middle Bronze I

K. Vansteenhuyse, M. al-Maqdisi, P. Degryse and K. Van Lerberghe
The distribution o Mycenean ceramics in the Kingdom of Ugarit

A. Colantoni
A Formalized Approach to Pottery Typology: The Case of some typical Shapes from the Late Bronze Age in Northern Syria

C. A. Aznar
The Phoenician "Red Slip Ware Thin-Walled Bowls"

H. Akbari
Ziwieh Ivories

Main Theme 4
Thursday, 6th April

M. Özbasaran
A Special Activity Site of 8th mill (CalBC) in Central Anatolia, Turkey

N. Yalman
An Alternative Interpretation on the Relationship between the Settlement Layout and Social Organisation at Çatalhöyük Neolithic Site: An ethnoarchaeological research in Central Anatolia

M. Erdalkıran
The Halaf Ceramics Şırnak Area in Turkey

P. Lombard, R. Badalyan, P. Avestiyan and C. Chataigner
Aratashen, a 6th millennium BC settlement in the southern Caucasus: Where does this culture come from?

B. Ullrich, C. Meyer, M. Oemisch, T. Günther and C. Rücker
Complex geophysical investigation of Tell structures - Tell Jenderes (Syria)

D. Homès-Fredericq
The Belgian excavations at al-Lahun (biblical Moab region). Past and Future

S. Festuccia and M. Rossi
Latest Phases at Tell Mardikh/Ebla (Syria): Area P Lower Town

M. Rossi, V. Brunori, F. Gabrielli and E. Prunas
Tell Deinit-Syria MEDA Project n. 15 (2002-2004). Restoration training programms

N. Cauwe and P. L. van Berg
The archaeological site of Khishâm-2 (Hemma plateau, Hassake, Syria)

A. Kaneda and L. de Jong
Excavations at Tell Sheikh Hasan in the Balikh Valley, Syria

O. Marder, I. Milevski, R. Rabinovitz, O. Ackermann, R. Shahack-Gross and P. Fine
The Lower Paleolithic site of Revadim Quarry, Israel

J. de Meulemeester, D. Pringle and R. Shqour
The Aqaba Castle Project. New excavation facts

M. Hessari
Preliminary report of stratigraphy of Idier

E. Ghasidian, A. Azadi, S. Heydari and N. J. Conard
Paleolithic Survey in the Basht Region of the Southwestern Zagros, Iran

N. J. Conard, E. Gasidian and S. Heydari Paleolithic
Settlement of the Qaleh Gusheh Sand Dunes, Esfahan Province, Iran

S. Heydari
Paleolithic Geoarchaeology of Travertine and Tufa Formations in Iran