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Programme & Papers

There will be room for about 60 papers in each section. If too many are offered there will be a selection to firm up the programme. Papers should be devoted strictly to the corresponding main theme. They will last for no more than
20 minutes plus 10 minutes of discussion.
Please note: We do not accept any papers dealing with unprovenienced artifacts.

Posters and poster presentations:
There will be space for about 100 posters by the size of 120 x 90 cm. Time for poster presentations is reserved in the general schedule.

Four workshops will be organised, each limited to one day.
Workshops must be prepared by the initiator prior to the conference so that the limited time may be used for exchanging arguments.
There were proposals for several workshops, deadline was May 25, 2003. The Organising Committee has selected four themes, applicants have already been informed.

For current information kindly click here.

Social Programme / Events:
Sunday, April 4, will be the day off for visiting Berlin. Further details will be submitted in the second circular.

Organising Commitee
Hartmut Kühne, Rainer Czichon, Janoscha Kreppner;
Ricardo Eichmann, Margarete van Ess, Jutta Häser;
Beate Salje, Lutz Martin;
Sybill De Vito-Egerland

International Committee
Manfred Bietak, Barthel Hrouda, Jean Claude Margueron, Wendy Matthews, Paolo Matthiae, Diederik Meijer, Ingolf Thuesen, Irene J. Winter

Conference Venue
Freie Universität Berlin, Henry-Ford-Bau
Garystrasse 35
D-14195 Berlin
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