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Main Themes

Main Theme 1:
Reconstruction of Environment. Natural Resources and Human Inter-Relation Through Time.

The theme encompasses the environmental setting (vegetation, fauna, river regimes, water and other resources including sediments, stone, and metals) as inter-related to human activities and subsistence strategies (mirrored by landuse, water management, urbanisation, settlement and political systems etc. as well as material culture) at any period and in any region of the Ancient Near East.

Main Theme 2:
Art History: Visual Communication

Archaeologists agree that Ancient Near Eastern images bear information which needs to be decoded. What is the code, by which means is it depicted, who is communicating, who are the recipients of the message?

Main Theme 3:
Social and Cultural Transformation: The Archaeology of Transition Periods and Dark Ages

Periods of political, socio-economic and cultural stability and of normative values are followed by so called Transitional Periods or – if long lasting and with little cultural information – Dark Ages throughout the history of civilisations of the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt. Are they periods of transformation and what can archaeology offer to explain them?

Main Theme 4:
Reports on Archaeological Field Work

For each excavation only one report will be accepted. Field reports should stress the results rather than the details. Some of them may match one of the other main themes and may be delivered there.

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